Ayanna Henderson Joins Stephen Curry's "Stephen vs The Game" Facebook Watch Show as Social Media Manager and Social Media Producer

In an exciting development for the digital media landscape, Ayanna Henderson has officially signed on as the Social Media Manager and Red Carpet/Live Event Social Media Producer for Stephen Curry's acclaimed Facebook Watch show, "Stephen vs The Game." This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Ayanna and the show, promising an even more engaging and dynamic online presence.

The partnership between Ayanna and the renowned WildLife Creative Agency has already begun to yield impressive results. With a focus on managing the show's social media platforms, Ayanna brings her expertise to shape the brand's voice and tone while spearheading compelling copywriting for advertisements.

During the live premiere event, Ayanna's role expanded to include shooting, editing, and producing real-time stories and social media posts, ensuring that the excitement of the red carpet premiere and event was captured and shared with audiences worldwide.

Ayanna's involvement in "Stephen vs The Game" underscores the importance of social media in today's digital landscape, particularly for high-profile projects like this. With her expertise and WildLife Agency's support, the show is poised to reach new heights of engagement and visibility on Facebook Watch.

Stay tuned for more updates on "Stephen vs The Game" as Ayanna Henderson and the WildLife Creative Agency continue to revolutionize the digital media space with their innovative approach to social media management and production.

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