Ayanna Henderson featured by E.L.F. Beauty in celebration of Women’s History Month

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Shining the light brightly on our team is Ayanna Williams Henderson, MBA. In celebration of Women’s History, we asked her to share with us her favorite Keys Soulcare affirmation.

She shares, “My favorite Keys Soulcare affirmation happens to be one of Alicia’s favorite affirmations. It’s also on the Keys Soulcare Sage + Oat Milk Candle. ‘I shine at full wattage.’ Alicia has said, ‘And that’s a big deal for me personally because I think we have to remind ourselves to shine now. No dimming down, no holding back.’”

“For me, this affirmation is a guiding light. It reminds me of when Mother Maya Angelou sang a 19th century African American song ‘When it looked like the sun wouldn’t shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the clouds.’

‘We can all be a rainbow in someone’s cloud, no matter who they are. We can prepare ourselves to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.’ ~Maya Angelou
“We are all lightworkers shining through. Affirmations remind us that we are a light, and shining at full wattage for ourselves and others makes my heart smile.”

Thank you, Ayanna, for also being a guiding light at e.l.f.
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