What I Do In A Day

Ever wonder what a Social Media Manager does is a day? Here’s a little insight! Manage & oversee an organization's presence online. Build brand awareness, engage with the target audience, & drive traffic to the company's website or other online platforms. Here's an overview of a typical day:

Content Planning: Review the content calendar and plan the day's posts or campaigns.

Content Creation: Create engaging & relevant content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube. Writing compelling captions, designing graphics or videos, or sourcing relevant articles or news to share.

Scheduling & Publishing: Schedule posts using social media management tools once the content is created. Optimize content to reach the target audience & maximize engagement.

Monitoring & Engagement: Monitor the organization's social media channels throughout the day. Respond to comments, messages, & mentions from followers or customers.

Analytics & Reporting: Analyze the performance of the organization's social media efforts. Track key metrics like reach, engagement, click-through rates, & conversions. Based on the data, generate reports & provide insights on the effectiveness of different campaigns or strategies.

Community Management: Nurture the online community around the brand by fostering positive relationships, addressing concerns, & resolving customer issues.

Collaboration: Social media managers often collaborate with other teams, such as marketing, public relations, or creative teams. Align social media strategies with overall marketing campaigns, coordinate content creation, & ensure consistent branding across all channels.

Stay Updated: To stay on top of the ever-changing social media landscape - keep up with the latest trends, platform updates, & industry news. Research new tools, techniques, & best practices to optimize their social media strategies.

It's important to note that a social media manager's specific tasks and priorities can vary depending on the organization's size, industry, and goals. Some may also be responsible for managing paid social media advertising campaigns or influencer collaborations.
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