Case Study: Facebook Watch Series "Steph vs. The Game"

Client: Facebook Watch / Wildlife Agency

Title of the Series: Steph vs. The Game

Ayanna Henderson was entrusted with the pivotal role of leading social copy, voice and tone docs for the show, the Facebook fan page, and copy for social ads. Ayanna also doubled as the premiere red carpet/live social media producer (video and photography including BTS) and social postings for the highly anticipated Facebook Watch Original Series, "Steph vs. The Game." This documentary-style series brought viewers a unique perspective on the life of NBA Champion and Golden State Warriors superstar, Stephen Curry, both on and off the basketball court. 

Client and Project Overview:
Facebook Watch, partnered with a renowned wildlife agency to produce an engaging and insightful original series content centered around Steph Curry. The project's primary goal was to captivate Curry's fans, offering them a rare glimpse into the life and experiences of the iconic athlete for the Facebook Watch series. Ayanna Henderson was brought in by the Wildlife Agency.

Our Role:
Ayanna's role was multi-faceted, encompassing various aspects of content creation, campaign management, and copywriting work:

1. Content Production: We worked diligently to capture exclusive behind-the-scenes moments with Steph Curry. This involved spending significant time reviewing footage of Curry both on and off the basketball court, ensuring that the essence of his personal and professional life was authentically portrayed in the series.

2. Red Carpet Coverage: We meticulously documented Steph Curry's appearances on the red carpet, providing the audience with a glimpse of his life beyond basketball. This added a layer of intrigue to the series, attracting viewers interested in the intersection of sports, celebrity, and lifestyle.  

3. Production: Ayanna Henderson was responsible for capturing red carpet moments, edited and produced in real-time for social media posts.

The campaign orchestrated by Ayanna Henderson Marketing achieved remarkable success:

- Millions of Impressions: The campaign generated millions of impressions, illustrating the high level of engagement from Stephen Curry's fanbase.

- Sustained Engagement: Fans were consistently intrigued and engaged throughout the entire season, a testament to the effectiveness of our content strategy and campaign management.

The Facebook Watch Original Series, "Steph vs. The Game," was a resounding success due in no small part to the contributions of Ayanna Henderson Marketing. Our ability to capture the essence of Steph Curry's life on and off the court, document his red carpet appearances, and craft a compelling editorial campaign played a crucial role in generating significant audience interest and engagement. The series not only resonated with Stephen Curry's fanbase but also attracted a broader audience interested in the intersection of sports and celebrity. This case study highlights the effectiveness of Ayanna Henderson Marketing in delivering content that captures the essence of a subject and engages audiences on a massive scale.

Quote from the founder of Wildlife "Ayanna is Phenomenal!"


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