Client Overview:

UCLA Black Alumni Association (UBAA) is a prominent organization dedicated to empower UCLA African American Alumni, Students, Faculty and the Community at Large to form powerful associations through advocacy and mobilization that will create greater educational opportunities and resources for the African American community collectively. 

Providing scholarships, advocacy, support and networking opportunities have been just a few of the ways this organization has and continues to support the University and its mission of having the best and brightest students walk the halls of UCLA.

Challenges Faced:
UBAA recognized the importance of capturing the essence of their gala event to showcase the achievements of their members and celebrate their contributions effectively. However, they lacked the in-house expertise and resources to handle comprehensive event coverage, including B-roll footage, sizzle video creation, full event program recording, and social media coverage.

Proposed Solution:
UBAA sought assistance from a professional event coverage agency to manage their requirements effectively. They approached a reputable media production company, Ayanna Henderson Marketing, known for its expertise in event videography and social media coverage.

Services Offered:
EventLens proposed a comprehensive plan to cover all aspects of UBAA's gala event:
1. B-Roll Footage and Sizzle Video:
- Dedicated videographers, assigned to capture high-quality B-roll footage.
- Shot list creation tailored to the event program and key participants.
- Production of a dynamic sizzle video highlighting key moments of the event.

2. Recording of Full Event Program:
- Recording of the entire event program, including speeches and award presentations.
- Provision of individual award clips for sharing with honorees and promotional use.

3. Social Media Coverage:
- Real-time coverage by a social media team capturing arrivals, highlights, and behind-the-scenes moments.
- Regular updates on Facebook and Instagram, with the option for coverage on Twitter if desired.

After the event, UBAA received:
1. Edited sizzle video encapsulating the event's highlights.
2. Individual award clips for honorees and social media promotion.
3. Ongoing social media content on Facebook and Instagram during and after the event.

Why Choose Ayanna Henderson Marketing:
- Experience: Ayanna Henderson Marketing boasts a skilled team with a proven track record in event videography and social media coverage.
- Tailored Approach: The company offered a personalized approach to capture the unique essence of UBAA's gala event.
- High-Quality Production: Ayanna Henderson Marketing assured high-quality video production and engaging social media content.
- Quick Turnaround: The agency committed to a quick turnaround time for deliverables, ensuring timely post-event promotion.

UBAA's gala event at the Omni Hotel received extensive coverage, thanks to Ayanna Henderson Marketing' comprehensive services. The sizzle video and social media content generated positive feedback, amplifying the event's reach and impact within the community. UBAA's decision to collaborate with Ayanna Henderson Marketing proved instrumental in making their event a memorable success.

In conclusion, the partnership between UBAA and Ayanna Henderson Marketing exemplifies the benefits of outsourcing event coverage to specialized agencies, ensuring professional execution and maximizing the event's visibility and impact.

Learn more about UBAA here: https://www.uclablackalumni.org/about


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