Case Study: Steve Harvey | ‘Hardest working man in show business’

Steve Harvey the Emmy® Award-winning entertainer, radio personality, motivational speaker, New York Times best-selling author, businessman, and philanthropist.


— Developed and executed the growth and monetization strategy for Mr. Harvey’s digital platform with the CMO. Grew his following from
15M to over 65M+, and revenue from digital content over 400%.

— Oversee and manage content activity across all social media platforms, community engagement and digital partnerships.


In a world where personal branding and digital presence are pivotal, a unique challenge arose for an entertainer who sought to differentiate their entertainer persona from their show host identity. The objective was to create a separate digital brand identity that could effectively tap into monetization opportunities, generate leads for e-commerce ventures, and amplify engagement across various owned digital platforms.


The case study unveils a strategic solution centered around the creation of a distinct digital brand identity. By carefully segregating the entertainer's personas, the team harnessed the power of serialization. They developed new, original content that resonated deeply with the target audience, positioning the entertainer as a multifaceted talent. Consistency became the cornerstone of their strategy – consistent marketing and messaging ensured a unified brand identity across all channels.

The implementation encompassed the establishment of dedicated social media platforms that facilitated monetization opportunities. These platforms not only showcased the entertainer's unique talents but also provided avenues for lead generation, directing traffic to their e-commerce ventures and other digital assets.


The case study's findings highlight a remarkable transformation. Through the strategic implementation of serialized original content, the entertainer succeeded in creating a distinct digital brand identity. This separation between their show host and entertainer personas not only engaged the audience more effectively but also enabled targeted monetization strategies.

The focus on consistent branding and messaging yielded impressive results. The entertainer's brand identity became a beacon, attracting opportunities not only in the entertainment industry but also in public speaking and other domains. By aligning their digital presence with their evolving objectives, they established a strong and recognizable position in the market.

In conclusion, this case study exemplifies how the deliberate creation of a unique digital brand identity can yield substantial results. Through serialization, consistency, and a dedicated focus on distinct personas, the entertainer successfully diversified their opportunities and reaped the rewards of a well-executed digital branding strategy.





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