Case Study: Ayanna Henderson's Impact on E!'s People's Choice Awards Marketing

Case Study: Ayanna Henderson's Impact on E!'s People's Choice Awards Marketing

Client: E! Network/People's Choice Awards


E! Network, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, is a global entertainment brand and the leader in pop culture and lifestyle programming. E! hosts various award shows, including the People's Choice Awards, a prestigious event honoring fan-favorite achievements in entertainment. The People's Choice Awards had traditionally been aired on CBS, but E! was determined to take the awards show to new heights.

In this case study, we will delve into the remarkable achievements of Ayanna Henderson, the Social Media Manager, in her role at E! Network. Ayanna was instrumental in steering the inaugural airing of the People's Choice Awards on E! to resounding success.


E! Network sought to breathe new life into the People's Choice Awards, targeting a younger, more digitally-engaged audience while expanding its reach and viewership.

Strategies and Actions

1. Social Media Management: Ayanna Henderson assumed the role of Social Media Manager and led the charge for the People's Choice Awards. She took on the responsibility of overseeing the entire social media strategy for the event, playing a pivotal role in E!'s digital marketing team and its external agency Truffle Pig.

2. Digital Production: Ayanna managed digital production and ensured the delivery of high-quality assets, with a primary focus on dynamic display, rich media, and paid social creative types.

3. Collaboration: She engaged in collaborative efforts across various in-house teams, including Strategy, Creative, and PR, to champion social-first ideas and execute integrated activations, events, and strategies.

4. Effective Communications: Ayanna led communications throughout the project life-cycle, ensuring alignment between external agencies and internal stakeholders from Creative, Media, Production, and Affiliate Network Marketing.

5. Tracking and Execution: She worked closely with internal and external trafficking teams to ensure the correct implementation of tracking, meeting delivery deadlines, and executing flawless campaigns.

6. Integration with NBCUniversal Partners: Ayanna integrated with E! News and E! Entertainment's social teams, as well as other NBCUniversal partners, to create a holistic approach to the People's Choice Awards.


Ayanna's strategic approach and hard work yielded remarkable results for the People's Choice Awards and E! Network:

- The inaugural airing on E! reached the youngest-skewing audience in Nielsen recorded history for the award show.

- The multi-platform event delivered E!'s biggest live digital video audience in the network's history with 3 million live streams across digital and social platforms.

- E! People's Choice Awards generated a total of 34 million engagements with E!-produced digital and social content, including page/video views, likes, comments, and shares.

- The awards show also reached a wide audience, with "The E! People's Choice Awards" being broadcasted across various NBCUniversal channels, reaching 4.1 million total viewers and 1.8 million adults aged 18-49.


Ayanna Henderson's instrumental role as the Social Media Manager for E!'s People's Choice Awards 18' played a pivotal role in reshaping the event's image and success. Through her leadership, collaboration, and innovative strategies, Ayanna not only met but exceeded E! Network's goals by capturing a younger audience, breaking digital viewership records, and generating significant engagement. Her contribution to the success of the People's Choice Awards demonstrates the power of an effective social media strategy in transforming an event and a brand.

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