Portfolio: e.l.f Cosmetics for Alicia Keys' Beauty Brand Keys Soulcare

Unlocking Beauty Beyond Boundaries: Keys Soulcare's Journey with Ayanna Marketing Agency

Case Study: Expanding Keys Soulcare's Audience with Ayanna Henderson Marketing 

Client: Keys Soulcare, created by Alicia Keys with e.l.f Cosmetics

The Challenge:

Keys Soulcare, a newly launched beauty brand, approached Ayanna Henderson Marketing with a clear goal - to expand its audience. While the brand had a solid foundation in its core demographic, they aimed to reach beyond their typical customer base. Their objective was to appeal to couples and males seeking high-quality skincare products.

Our Approach:

Ayanna Henderson Marketing embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and creativity. Our team recognized the need for fresh and innovative strategies to capture these new audiences. Here's how we approached the task:

1. Captivating Couples Content: To appeal to couples, we created compelling content showcasing how Keys Soulcare's products could enhance shared moments. Our visuals and narratives highlighted the joy and beauty that could be derived from these products when used together.

2. Gender-Inclusive Tutorials: We developed engaging tutorials to demonstrate the versatility of Keys Soulcare's offerings. These tutorials made the products accessible and appealing to a broad audience, including males, by focusing on their effectiveness and ease of use.

Our Services:

Ayanna Henderson Marketing provided a comprehensive range of services to address the client's needs:

- Social Media: Leveraged the power of social media platforms to visually showcase the products in action, engaging the target audience effectively.

- Content Strategy: Crafted compelling narratives that resonated with the audience, turning casual viewers into devoted customers.

- Digital Campaign Strategy: Designed data-driven digital campaigns that maximized the brand's reach, effectively driving website traffic and conversions.

- Influencer Management: Collaborated with influencers who authentically aligned with the brand, ensuring impactful partnerships that resonated with the intended audience.

- Advertising: Created targeted advertising campaigns that effectively cut through the noise, ensuring the brand received the visibility it deserved.

- UGC Content Production: Facilitated User-Generated Content (UGC) creation, capitalizing on satisfied customers' experiences with the products to build trust and authenticity around the brand.

The Goal:

Ayanna Henderson Marketing's primary objective was to create social media campaigns that brought Keys Soulcare's products to life, telling stories through visuals and words. Our approach aimed to connect the brand with the audience on a personal and relatable level, making the products the star of the show.

Join us on this exciting journey of growth and transformation, where we're not just marketers, but also storytellers, strategists, and creative minds dedicated to helping your beauty brand shine.

Ready to take your beauty brand to new heights? Contact Ayanna Henderson Marketing today, and let's start crafting a marketing strategy that will make your products shine and resonate with a wider, diverse audience.

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